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Aerobic Septic System Linear Air Pump



Regular $389.00 on sale for $289.00 for a limited time only. This is the most common size replacement air pump for most aerobic septic systems. It can also used for ponds and aquariums or anything else that need continous quiet air supply. 80 LPM (about 2.8cfm). 2.13 PSI. 120vac, 2.15 amp with 6 ft 18 gage grounded power cord. All metal body with replaceable air filter. 9"wide X 7" deep X 8.5" tall. Comes with 3" long 90 degree rubber connector hose and clamps for both ends. From one of the most trusted names in the air compressor business. 6 Month parts and labor warranty from Green Valley Air.


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Store > Aerobic Septic Pumps